Success Mantra of JEE Main 2020 Toppers

Universities are the beginning of anything one would want. When there is an umpteen number of such universities, the aspirants across the country share a common dream – the “topmost” universities. Just like the effervescence, the country’s topmost universities have not only dreams as common but also the gateway to the dream – the entrance examination common. The Joint Entrance Examinations (JEE) is one among them.

JEE is conducted twice every year- one in January and another in April. JEE Mains admits students to NITs, IIITs, basis for admission to IITs and few other important institutions. So, the right time to prepare for such magnificent institutions starts from not a day but a thought! A thought of wanting to be within the best. One can always start to prepare for the JEE a month before.

One of the toughest national level examinations, JEE is imperative in its preparation and success. In addition to the 11th and 12th standard NCERT books of physics, chemistry, and mathematics, some determination and continuous hard work are all that it takes to crack the JEE Mains.

JEE Mains Tricks to Crack – The Five-Step Learning Approach

IIT JEE is based on the problem-solving skills of the candidate. But solving more problems might also create a problem! Here is how

  • No steps taken to retain the information learned during solving the problem
  • Not overseeing the tricks or shortcuts to solve a problem

Here are 5 simple steps to learn and retain

Step 1: Understanding

Jumping directly to solving the problem before understanding it will lead nowhere. Trying to understand the problem from other dimensions will create ideas to solve it.

Step 2: Memorizing

Memorizing certain simple questions will improve the speed, accuracy, and concentration.

Step 3: Strengthening

Make a review of the performance in this step. Re-mark average and difficult questions so that you can repeat it and rewire your brain.

Step 4: Building Confidence

Repeating questions orally help you remember and recall ideas and boosts your confidence

Step 5: Points to Remember

Being regular and systematic lets you make the most of the advantages.

Hear it from the Toppers of 2020

  • Chagari Koushal Kumar Reddy – with a 100 percentile, suggests a clear and confident preparation of basics and fundamentals in physics, chemistry, and mathematics-based of the NCERT books and other higher-level problem-solving books
  • Landa Jitendra, with a 100 percentile, insists on building study materials provided by the NCERT and coaching classes for more practice and confidence
  • Divyanshu Agarwal, with a 100 percentile, insists on a preparation strategy of at the least of 8-9 hours of study per day to crack the JEE Mains
  • Nishant Agarwal, with a 100 percentile, owes it to the preparation strategy suggested by the mentors to prepare from the beginning

Top 7 tips to Crack JEE Mains

Compiling some of the words of wisdom, here are some JEE mains tricks to crack the 2020 examination.

Focus determines the reality

Keep the mind high no matter what. Focus on the dreams and lose the distractions. There are quite some ways to keep yourself away from achieving the dream. Let not the focus be diverted by the games or social media or the binge-watching.

The Study material is your Study Partner

A study material essentially need not boil down to pages of printed words. A study plan of timeline and resources makes the best of study material. Greediness in learning from too many sources might only leave anxiety behind.

Vibes Matter!

Clinging onto your desk and bed while preparing might feel like bucking up for war without weapons. As much as you choose a course or institute, don’t forget to choose a healthy study group. Learning and a little bit of teaching are always good for everyone.

Yes, you need sleep and food! Always!

While sprinting takes huge efforts in a short span, running a marathon requires a lot more. In terms of body and mind, the fuel to run this marathon is good food and good sleep. Losing out on either makes you biologically weak. Stay healthy and stay competitive.

Overthinking = Useless anxiety

This self-destructing weapon will not only increase the pressure but also at times takes over the master in charge. There are going to be failures and success in every walk of life. Anticipating and overthinking will only lead to anxiety that doesn’t allow to focus.

Befriend the foe

The exam is the foe here. Know the pattern and solve previous year papers and mock tests available online to know what is in front. Identifying key topics, and some tricks to solve them is an analogy to practicing into perfection

Strike the iron when it is hot

Keeping the preparations on till the last moment has no advantage. Early preparation has a twofold advantage – one, to cover the entire syllabus, two, to revise many numbers of times.

The do’s

  1. Choosing the right study circle
  2. Time management
  3. Daily revisions
  4. A sturdy study plans
  5. Regular schooling

The don’ts

  1. Socializing too Much
  2. Binge-watching
  3. Late-night pullover
  4. Bedside Studies
  5. Procrastinating

Take Away!

The best preparation for tomorrow is always doing the best today! From a competition within a class of 50-500 students to an escalated completion with more than 2 lakh candidates, aspirants face a cutthroat struggle to accomplish their aspirations. Work hard in silence and let success make the noise for you!

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