Top Engineering Entrance Exams in India

It is an untold fact that India produces the highest number of engineers across the globe every academic year. The population isn’t the actual reason. The credit goes to the number of engineering colleges established throughout the country. It is estimated that approximately 1.5 million engineers are produced every year.

With such a high number in the market, getting a job or post-graduation or any other academic step would be of a cut-throat competition thanks to the resources the country has. Skills to distinguish oneself from the crowd, are not always inherent in an engineer. For such identifications are the country’s top institutes with the best engineering exams in India.

Top Engineering Entrance Exams and Corresponding Universities

Here are the top 221 engineering colleges across the country

Rank Institute Location Admission Procedure
1 IIT Madras Chennai Joint Entrance Examinations (JEE) mains and JEE advanced
2 IIT Delhi Delhi JEE mains and advanced
3 IIT Bombay Mumbai JEE mains and advanced
4 IIT Kharagpur Kharagpur JEE mains and advanced
5 IIT Kanpur Kanpur JEE mains and advanced
6 Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences Admission Test (BITSAT)
7 IIT Guwahati Guwahati JEE mains and advanced
8 National Institute of Technology Tiruchirapalli JEE mains
9 IIT – Banaras Hindu University Varanasi Undergraduate Entrance Test (UET)
10 National Institute of Technology Mangalore JEE mains
11 VIT University Vellore VIT Engineering Entrance Examination (VITEEE)
12 College of Engineering, Guindy Chennai Direct counseling through Tamil Nadu engineering counseling
13 National Institute of Technology Rourkela JEE mains
14 IIT Dhanbad Dhanbad JEE mains and advanced
15 College of Engineering, Pune Pune
16 IIT Hyderabad Hyderabad JEE mains and advanced
17 Delhi Technological University New Delhi Common entrance examination conducted by the University
18 IIIT Allahabad Allahabad JEE mains and advanced
19 SRM Institute of Science and Technology Chennai SRM Joint Engineering Entrance Examinations
20 Manipal Institute of Technology Manipal Manipal entrance Tests
21 National Institute of Technology Warangal
JEE mains
22 University Institute of Engineering Chandigarh Direct counseling
23 PSG College of Technology Coimbatore Direct counseling through Tamil Nadu engineering counseling
24 Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology Nagpur JEE mains
25 M.S. Ramaiah Institute of Technology Bangalore PGCET

Why Should You Choose to Study in the Top Colleges?

  • Financial aids

The institute tuition fees, as well as accommodation fees at the top engineering government colleges, are at subsidized rates. Also, one gets acclaimed with scholarships available for meritorious students at these campuses. Private universities also offer such subsidiaries to the student who tops the admission examinations.

  • Grow in the hands of best talent and experience

The faculties who teach at these campuses are generally well versed and versatile in the subjects they teach and handling engineering problems. Getting trained with such experienced professors can be analogous to cutting diamonds with appropriate knives.

  • A lot to learn from the peers

Not only the classrooms, but the friends one makes at these campuses also have a lot to teach. In fact, there have been many opinions from the students of such premier institutions that they get to learn more from their classmates than from the professors.

Who wouldn’t love that?

  • Solid post-graduate plans

The students from the country’s top engineering institutes travel to other countries as a part of exchange programs and internships. Experiences like these create contacts and ease the postgraduate education and research opportunities for the candidate.

  • Alma Mater

The alumina network is always there for a rescue. Starting from supporting travel and stay allowances to setting up a start-up business, the contribution from the alumina network would be of great help to a candidate.

How to Crack the top engineering entrance exams in India?

To top a cut-throat competition for best engineering exams in India, the aspirant needs to prepare at his/her best. Here are some tips on preparing for top engineering entrance exams in India.

  1. Know every aspect of the examination like important dates, examination pattern, important topics with syllabus, eligibility criteria, and marking schemes.
  2. Practice with mock and previous years questions papers through online and offline modes
  3. A stern study plan with curating timeline will aid in allocating the resources adequately
  4. Proper and adequate sleep and nutrition are the endless fuel to the lifestyle while preparing for such entrance examinations
  5. A healthy study group to discuss and share thoughts, information and knowledge will remind you that you are not alone in this battle
  6. Binge-watching, social media, and unnecessary distraction can derail you from reaching the distractions. Make sure you lose them for this short span
  7. Prepare the basics and get a hold on the subjects for a better understanding of not just concepts but also the fields you might be potentially interested to take up for the whole of the future.


The engineering courses irrespective of the branch is considered to be the best to go option for higher education both by parents and students. This can be attributed to the number of jobs and higher education options available post-education. The importance of engineering can be felt through any aspect around us like bridges, buildings, computers, machines, gadgets in a never-ending list. For mastering such an omnipresent field, it is obvious to learn it from the top colleges. The gateway to such colleges is clearing the top engineering entrances in India.

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