JEE Main 2024 Physics (April) Chapter wise Questions with Solutions

JEE Main Physics Chapter-wise Solved Questions (April 2024) – PDF Download

Download JEE Main 2024 (April) Chapter wise solved questions for Physics in PDF format prepared by expert IIT JEE teachers at MathonGo. By solving JEE Main April 2024 chapterwise questions with solutions will help you to score more in your IIT JEE examination.

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Alternating CurrentDownload PDF
Atomic PhysicsDownload PDF
CapacitanceDownload PDF
Center of Mass Momentum and CollisionDownload PDF
Current ElectricityDownload PDF
Dual Nature of MatterDownload PDF
Electromagnetic InductionDownload PDF
Electromagnetic WavesDownload PDF
ElectrostaticsDownload PDF
Experimental PhysicsDownload PDF
GravitationDownload PDF
Kinetic Theory of GasesDownload PDF
Laws of MotionDownload PDF
Magnetic Effects of CurrentDownload PDF
Magnetic Properties of MatterDownload PDF
Mathematics in PhysicsDownload PDF
Mechanical Properties of FluidsDownload PDF
Mechanical Properties of SolidsDownload PDF
Motion In One DimensionDownload PDF
Motion In Two DimensionsDownload PDF
Nuclear PhysicsDownload PDF
OscillationsDownload PDF
Ray OpticsDownload PDF
Rotational MotionDownload PDF
SemiconductorsDownload PDF
Thermal Properties of MatterDownload PDF
ThermodynamicsDownload PDF
Units and DimensionsDownload PDF
Wave OpticsDownload PDF
Waves and SoundDownload PDF
Work Power EnergyDownload PDF

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