BITSAT 2020 Preparation Tips

BITSAT Preparation Tips 2020 – Important Topics and Books

Student/alumina of the world-famous Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS) sounds like a moment of pride? Are you aspiring for the same? Here are some tips to crack BITSAT 2020, for admissions to BITS campuses at Pilani, Hyderabad, and Goa.

Yes, hard work always pays back, but some smart work adds in more to the victory cap. Some well-planned strategies and sufficient knowledge, anyone can prepare for BITSAT 2020. This article talks about our recipe for BITSAT tips and tricks.

BITSAT Preparation Tips

  • Go for the shorter and trickier ones

Lengthier questions not only take your time but also some of the confidence. Don’t forget to remember the quick notes, which could include formulae, equations, and critical elements. The paper would contain more of problems than theory questions that would require either of the above.

  • Clever Time Management

To complete 150 questions in 3 hours and possibly another 12 questions, require nothing but accuracy with time. Grab the baton with smart time management within the exam duration and during the preparation as well.

  • Priorities the subjects

Getting confident about what you learn depends on the individual. While some people like to practice concepts they know thoroughly, the rest of others would like to prepare subjects they are not very sure about. The choice is yours, but don’t forget to make one.

  • Some Smart Work

While scoring the subjects could consume time and be challenging, the questions from English and logical reasoning would help you complete the section quicker and hence keep this in mind

  • JEE and BITSAT are Different

Many students prepare simultaneously for the exams JEE and BITSAT, which are conducted at the same time of the year. Although the reviews are based on the same syllabus, the paper pattern and difficulty levels are different for both the paper. There are high chances the candidate appearing for both the exams loses track. Be careful about the differences in the review.

  • Know Your BITSAT Exam Paper Pattern

The familiarity with paper patter helps in strategizing the attempts to solve the paper with more accuracy and speed

SubjectNumber of Questions
English and logical reasoning25

Remember, the paper carries three marks for every correct answer and, most importantly, gives a negative mark for every wrong answer. Since the number of questions is higher, the negative marks for wrong answers would contribute a lot in bringing down the scores as well. Make sure you know the answer confidently for you to go ahead to other questions.

  • A Bonus Is A Boost. Isn’t It?

On completion of the above 150 questions, the students can aspire for an additional 12 questions of 4 items from each main subject (physics, chemistry, mathematics/biology) that carry the same marking scheme. These other questions can fetch you more marks to distinguish you from the rest of the aspirants.

  • Are You Sure about the Syllabus?

The questions will be from NCERT syllabus for 11th and 12th standards used by the Central Board schools. Candidates applying for engineering and integrated science courses will have questions from physics, chemistry, logical reasoning, English proficiency, and mathematics. Candidates applying for pharmacy courses will have questions from physics, chemistry, logical thinking, English proficiency, and biology.

Here are some number of question distribution between 11th and 12th standards for various subjects as follows

Subjects11th Standard12 Standard

The table gives an approximate idea of importance every year the syllabus carries.

  • Here are Some Important concepts as well

This table is prepared after a detailed analysis of the number of questions and marks given every year.

Measurements, units, the law of motions, kinetics, kinematics, momentum and impulse, gravitation, solid and fluid mechanics, work and energy, rotational motionState of matter, thermodynamics, atomic structure, equilibrium – physical and chemical, surface chemistry, periodic table – hydrogen and s-block elements, static electricity, chemical kinetics, and kinematicsArithmetic Operations, quadratic equations, complex numbers, algebra and its operations, arithmetic-geometric- harmonic- progressions, binomial theorem, geometry, permutation and combinations, logarithm, exponential seriesCell-the living unit of life, diversity in experience, genetics and evolution, structure and function, animals- structure and function, Plants- structure and plants, reproduction, growth of plants
  • Some Books to help you better

Following some standard books help you in preparing notes, shortcuts, and improve your accuracy, speed, and some confidence. Here are some essential papers to make for BITSAT 2020

PhysicsChemistryMathematicsBiologyEnglish and Reasoning
Arihant’s Understanding PhysicsH.C. Werma’s Concepts of physics-1H.C. Werma’s Concepts of physics-2Arihant’s Physics MCQO.P.Tandon’s A Textbook of Inorganic ChemistryArihant’s Essential Organic ChemistryArihant’s New Pattern MathematicsR.D. Sharma’s objective mathematicsA.C. Dutta’s Botany for Degree StudentsPradeep’s A Textbook of BiologyPearson’s complete guide to the BITSATHigh School English Grammar and CompositionDisha’s BITSAT Logical Reasoning and English Proficiency
  • Revise, Retest, Repeat

Make sure you have prepared a handy note on things to remember. Keep revising them and take numerous mock tests to improve your performance.

  • Take Care of the Soul as well

Preparations will require you to burn the midnight oil and will cause a lot of turmoil. Remember to rest well and have proper sleep and food. Did you know that even science backs up the fact that adequate food and sleep boosts your brain performance? So quench the soul as well.

Voice of Wisdom for BITSAT 2020 Preparation Tips

Priyam Shah, with a BITSAT score of 402 marks, is the topper of BITSAT 2018. He contributes his success to his sheer determination and focus.

Devendra Chandak, the topper of BITSAT 2010 says a lot of practice can lead you up to success

Yashwanth, who appeared in BITSAT 2013, suggests believing in self-confidence and time management to crack the competitive exam.

Take Away!

Competitive exams are always distressful. Keep the spirits high with BITSAT tips and tricks to crack the exam with flying colors. Leaving no stone unturned will only lead you to your aspired destination. Good luck!

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