Important Topics for JEE Main 2020

JEE Mains Important Topics 2020 and Chapterwise Weightage

JEE Main exam is one of the toughest exam of the country. There are two reasons for it being the toughest exam. One is the number of students participating in the exam and the second one is the vast syllabus of the exam. The syllabus of the exam covers almost each and every topic of the class 11th and 12th NCERT books. But weightage of chapters in jee mains is different for all the chapters.

Because of this vast course it becomes important to focus on important topics for jee mains. It is not possible for every student to remember each and every topic in that case knowledge of important chapters for jee mains become important. And some topics are asked constantly in the jee main paper for over the years. Since the course is same from a long time a good insight can be made regarding the important topics for jee mains 2020.

Jee main from the last year is conducted by the National Testing Agency (NTA) but the paper and the weightage of the topics is somewhat similar to the paper conducted by CBSE. The topics will remain constant because the questions are of similar patterns every year. The student should make sure that they are comfortable in these important topics for jee mains 2020 because these topics can easily help the students to score more than 200+ marks.

Insight of paper pattern

Before going on to important topics the student must be aware about the paper pattern of the jee main exam. Because it will help them to prepare accordingly in a good manner. The brief insight of the paper pattern for jee main is given below-

  • The paper will consist of 3 sections- physics, chemistry and mathematics.
  • All the sections will have same amount of questions and same weightage.
  • There are 20 Multiple choice questions and 5 Numerical Value Questions in each section.
  • Generally the paper has all levels of questions ranging from easy to hard.
  • Total of 3 hours time is given to complete the paper.
  • The paper is only conducted in online mode.

Analysis of Previous Year JEE Main Papers

Paper of jee mains was previously prepared by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) but from previous year the paper conducting authority has changed to National Testing Agency (NTA). The difficulty level is overall constant for the paper every year. But the section wise difficulty level changes every year and weightage of chapters in jee mains also changes.

According to expert analysis, only 15-20% of the total questions asked in jee mains paper are of hard difficulty level and rest of the questions are of easy and medium level. The number of medium and easy level questions keep changing every year.

But the section wise difficulty level keeps varying every year. We have discussed the sectional Analysis of the JEE main previous year papers below. The student can aNCElso prepare accordingly to the section difficult and the chapter wise weightage for jee mains 2020.

Sectional Analysis


The most difficult section of the jee main paper for over the years is the Mathematics Section. The questions asked require a good amount of time to solve and also good conceptual level. All the questions in this section are of good level and none of them is direct formula based. The most important topics from these section are calculus, trigonometry, series and sequence etc.


It is the easiest section in the jee main paper over the previous years. Almost all the questions are theory based in this section and the numerical asked in this section are also very easy and solved easily using formula. The questions from physical chemistry are numerical based. Rest the questions from organic as well as physical chemistry are theory based.


The difficulty of this section is generally ranges from moderate to hard. And scoring in this section is not very easy and requires depth of topics. The section contains mostly numerical questions from various chapters even the units must be taken care while answering the questions. The questions are also based on various laws.

Important Topics for Each section

We have prepared separate articles for every section and discussed in detail about the most important chapters for JEE main 2020 in detail in these articles. Because according to experts studying even only the important chapters for Jee mains the students can score more than 60% marks.

We have also prepared a list of chapters wise weightage for jee mains 2020 based on previous year papers using which the students can easily get the information about most important chapters for JEE mains 2020.

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