JEE Main Physics Important Topics

Important Topics for JEE Mains 2020 Physics and Chapterwise Weightage

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Physics section in the JEE Main exam is generally of mediocre level. The questions asked in this section are both numerical as well as concept based. Some questions are easy in this section and xan be done in no time. This is generally considered a scoring section because of formula based numerical and easy conceptual questions. It is necessary to have knowledge about the important topics for jee mains 2020 physics to score good marks.

This section as similar to other sections it will also have 25 questions in total and 5 will be numerical value based. The numerical value questions in this section will mostly be numerical questions and not the fact based questions. Most of the questions may comprise from important chapters for physics for jee mains.

The preparation of this section should me done starting from basic topics as even topics like unit and dimensions can solve your questions by eliminating the options. The theory based questions are generally 2-3 in the paper and cover topics like communication system, semiconductor, etc.

Important Topics

The student should focus on the below mentioned important chapters of Physics for jee mains to score good marks in the physics paper. This topics can help achieve a score of more than 60 marks. These topics has been separated in easy and difficult according to their level of questions asked in JEE main paper over the previous years.

Easy Topics

These topics are the most scoring one’s in the paper because of the level of questions asked from this topics are generally easier and does not require much time and calculation to get the correct answer. Student should focus on this topics score as much as possible. The topics are as follows-

  • Current Electricity- both numerical and theory based questions can be asked from the section and the level of questions is easy and does not require depth of knowledge. Preparation of this topic can be done even from the NCERT book. The questions cover topics like ohm’s law, colour code and some easy current or voltage finding questions. The number of questions asked from this section are 2-3 because of that it is one of the important topics for jee mains 2020 Physics.
  • Electrostatics- this is a big topic and require sometime to understand each and every concept but is a scoring topic. Because the questions asked are not very difficult and can be easily done on the basis of various laws and formula. Generally 3-4 questions are asked from this section every year amd therefore it comes under the category of Physics important chapters for jee mains.
  • Electromagnetic Induction and Alternating Current- This topics are from the syllabus of class 12th are easier but somewhat lengthy and contain many formulas and laws. But the questions asked are generally direct and can be easily solved by using formulas. The topics like RMS values, waveform, ampere circuital law, etc. must be prepared carefully.
  • Semiconductor, Communication Systems & Unit Dimensions- These topics are the easiest in the JEE main Physics syllabus. These topics can easily be covered in one or two days and the questions asked from them are theory based. Student can also rely on ncert books for this topic. Generally three questions from this topics are asked in combined.

Difficult Topics

Some topics are difficult in the physics part and require a good amount of practice and time to prepare for these topics. The questions asked are of good level and generally numerical questions combined with 2-3 concepts. The topics are mentioned below-

  • Thermodynamics- This topic is a lengthy and only 1-2 questions are generally asked from this topic. But if a student studies this topic thoroughly will also cover the chemistry part of this topic and that is why this is an part of important topics of Physics for jee mains. The questions asked can be both conceptual as well an numerical based.
  • Waves and oscillations- These topics are generally not given utmost importance by the students. But these are also very important topics from the paper point of view and every year Questions are asked from this topics. The topics is very huge and contains various topics like Simple Harmonic Motion, Doppler effect etc.
  • Optics- When talked about Physics important topics for jee mains the first name which pops up in mind is optics. This topic is not a very huge topic and has a reasonable number of formulas and concepts but the questions asked are hard in difficulty level. The questions are combination of various topics like reflection, refraction etc. and requires time to solve the questions.
  • Magnetism- It is a important topic because generally 2-3 questions are asked every year from this topic. And also this topic forms the foundation of topics like EMI etc.
  • Modern Physics- It is one the most important topics of Physics for jee mains. Around 3-4 questions are always asked from this topic. The most important concepts from this topic are-
  1. Photoelectric Effect
  2. Dual Nature of matter
  3. Atomic Structure
  4. X-Ray
  5. Spectrum,etc.

The student should invest a good amount of time in above mentioned important chapters of Physics for jee mains to easily score good marks in jee main paper.

JEE Mains Physics Chapter wise weightage

We have prepared the Physics Chapter wise weightage for jee mains according to the previous year papers. This data will help the students to know about important topics of Physics for jee mains.

According to this jee mains Physics Chapter wise weightage all the chapters from which more than 3 questions are asked are most important one’s from the exam point of view. So the students should look into Physics Chapter wise weightage for jee mains carefully.

Name of topicsNumber of questions
Modern Physics5
Current Electricity3
Units and Dimensions1
Work, power and energy1
Laws of motion1

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