JEE Main Chemistry Important Topics

Important Topics for JEE Mains 2020 Chemistry and Chapterwise Weightage

Chemistry has been the saviour for students in the JEE main examination. The chemistry Section of the jee main exam is the easiest of the all three sections in the paper. Students can easily score in this section just by studying the important topics for jee mains 2020 chemistry. And also by knowing chemistry chapter wise weightage for jee mains he can decide which topic to focus on.

The section consists of both theory as well as numerical questions. But the number and the difficulty level of the numerical questions is low and can easily be done just by formulas. Sometimes even the numerical questions are asked directly from the NCERT book.

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The chemistry is divided into physical chemistry, organic chemistry and inorganic chemistry. All of these sections are important but the most important of all of these is the organic chemistry. The weightage of organic chemistry remains constant almost every year and is the highest of all the 3 sections.

We have divided important topics for jee mains chemistry in their respective sections that are organic, inorganic and physical chemistry. We have also included jee main chemistry chapter wise weightage data in this article to make the preparation easier.

Organic Chemistry

As mentioned earlier, organic chemistry is the most important section in the chemistry paper for jee mains. All the topics in the organic chemistry part are important. The questions of this section are not very hard and some of them can be done just with basic knowledge.

Organic Chemistry important topics for jee mains are mentioned below-

  • Nomenclature- It is the easiest and can be done in a matter of few seconds if the concepts are clear. It is one of the important topics for jee mains chemistry because of the easiness of the topic and if a question appears from this topic which generally does can easily fetch you 4 marks.
  • Types of reaction- This is also one of the important topics for jee mains 2020 chemistry the weightage of this topic is higher then most of the other topics. The questions of this topic are moderate level. But the students should have a good knowledge about the different types of reactions practice is must.
  • Organic Synthesis- These is not a particular topic but a mix of all the organic chemistry important topics for jee mains. The questions are generally reaction in which the students has to find the final product or any other missing details as mentioned in the question. This requires the complete use of organic chemistry knowledge. There are generally around 3-4 questions related to synthesis every year.
  • The least important according to weightage of chemistry chapters in jee mains for organic chemistry are polymers and biomolecules. Because the questions are rarely put up from this parts but in case it appears they are easy and can be easily answered using the basic knowledge.

Inorganic Chemistry

This part is basically the theory or conceptual part which does not constitute any numerical questions. The best way to prepare for this is to do with NCERT books. The questions are put up from any lije of the NCERT Book and reactions are also generally asked from NCERT books. The topics are almost all important from the exam point of view.

  • S-Block & P-Block elements- The questions from this section can be put up based on the reactions and behaviour of s&p block elements. These topics constitute around 1-2 questions every year in the paper.
  • Periodic Table- These are the easiest questions and directly asked based on the arrangement and behaviour of elements in periodic table of elements. The number of questions is around 1. But they are easy so this topic should be read once.
  • Chemical Bonding- This is the one of most important topics for jee mains chemistry and should be studied throughout. It is somewhat typical but the number of questions is high from this chapter. The nature of questions is conceptual and can easily be solved by using various concepts of chemical bonding such as hybridisation, fajan’s rule etc.

Physical Chemistry

This is the only section in chemistry from which numerical or formula based questions can be asked. According to the new paper pattern 5 questions in the paper will be numerical value based questions so it is expected that 2-3 questions in that 5 questions will be from Physical chemistry.

It is difficult to bisect important topics for this section because of the changing questions in the paper every year and limited number of topics. Almost every topic in this section are important in their own way. But some of the most important topics are mole concept, thermodynamics, states of matter etc.

Chemistry Chapter wise weightage for jee mains

According to the previous year papers, we have prepared a list of jee main chemistry chapter wise weightage. This is expected to be same in upcoming papers as well. The student with the help of weightage of chemistry chapters in jee mains can shape his preparation. And it is advised to pay special attention of topics with high weightage in jee mains.

Name of Topics Number of Questions
Transition Elements and Coordination Chemistry 3
Periodic table 3
Thermodynamics and Gaseous State 2
Atomic Structure 2
Chemical Bonding 2
Equilibrium 2
Solid State and Surface Chemistry 2
Nuclear Chemistry and Environment 2
Mole Concept 1
Redox Reaction 1
Electrochemistry 1
Chemical Kinetics 1
Solution and Colligative Properties 1
General Organic Chemistry (GOC) 1
Stereochemistry 1
Hydrocarbon 1
Alkyl Halides 1
Carboxylic Acid and their Derivatives 1
Carbohydrates, amino acid and Polymers 1
Aromatic Compounds 1

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