How to Revise Class 11 for JEE in Class 12?

The Joint Entrance Exam or JEE focuses on testing your concepts from 11th and 12th grade. Owing to the competition around this exam and their high difficulty levels, it is a tough exam to crack and it takes a lot from the student preparing for it because of these factors. On top of that, the syllabus itself is so vast that it will take time and effort to complete and actually perfect that syllabus for this exam.

There can be a situation where a student did not perform well in their Class 11 or they just didn’t concentrate on their studies in 11th grade as a “break” after their 10th Boards and before the much- dreaded Class 12 began. This does make a little difficult on your preparation but not impossible because you anyways have to keep brushing up on concepts taught in Class 11 for this examination.

How should you handle Class 11 and Class 12 syllabus together?

Whether you performed well in your 11th or not, should only be determined on the basis of whether or not you remember all the concepts taught and how well can you apply them. Here are some tips that will help you in your preparation while revising the syllabus from both the years-

  • Keep a schedule in mind- It is not just about the schedule you need to follow for your studies but also the timeline that is in place for the JEE exam. Be clear about when does the registration start, the documents and specifications you will need for the application, the tentative dates for Mains, etc. This will keep you organized at all front and you will not be running around at the last minute for these things. Such a schedule will help you organise your studies in such a way that give you enough time for a structured revision and proper preparation.
  • Time management- This has been said time and again because it is that important. When you have your schedule, timeline and syllabus with you, you will see that you don’t have a lot of time for this preparation and you will have to stick to your schedule rigidly.
  • Understand your own flaws- Analyse your performance in Class 11 to understand where you are going wrong. Is it that you don’t understand the concepts, do you run out of time in the exam, or are you making simple errors in your papers that end up costing you marks? Once you do this, you will be conscious of working on these yourself and it is an important task because all this can affect your performance in JEE 2020.
  • Prioritise the important chapters- Get hold of the JEE syllabus, see the topics you lag the most in and start your preparation. Start from the basics and move up to more difficult chapters.
  • Get the right kind of help- Don’t blindly join a coaching centre. Go for a couple of classes and see if their teaching style and method is something you are comfortable with. Keep a realistic goal in mind. You can’t finish your entire syllabus in 2 weeks because you have Class 11 and 12. You can even use online portals for your preparation as that works for a lot of students. So, see what works for you.

How to revise Class 11 Physics?

  • Start from the basics- Start your preparation from NCERT books and HC Verma, they are the go- to textbooks for this examination for Physics. Also, do not underestimate your NCERT books, in general, because you need to have concepts clear from that book before you move on to more complex chapters like Rotational Mechanics, etc. Focus on the examples given to get a hold on the concept well.
  • The MCQs in HC Verma can be of great help because they will brush up your theoretical concepts from the chapter and also help them in the JEE paper because there too there are some questions where there is more than one correct answer. So, this will prepare you for those questions and you should keep revising these questions just to quickly go through the theory of each chapter, especially in the final leg of your preparation.
  • Don’t dwell on topics that will be elaborated on in Class 12. Just understand the basics because it will anyways be studied in detail in class. You can get your doubts cleared there as well.

How to revise Class 11 Chemistry?

  • Write formulae on your own- It doesn’t matter if you go to a coaching centre or not; or if you have the best guide books available to you. You need to write your own formulae and keep them pinned at your desk or cupboard- just a portion of your room that you will look at every day. That way you are not wasting your time trying to remember everything as they will be in your mind in a pictorial form.
  • Move beyond just doing chemical bonding, you also need to focus on s- block and p- block. It will take time for you to get a hang of this for inorganic chemistry, so spend 20 minutes every day, attempt different kinds of questions for it to fully understand it.
  • Class 11 focuses a lot on Physical Chemistry, which also has a lot of importance in the JEE paper, so study that portion well from your Class 11 textbooks, or you can refer to OP Tandon. There are some chapters that need to revised regularly.
  • Focus on the experiments the JEE syllabus talks about and start preparing them from the beginning because those questions can be very scoring. The more you study, the more you will understand the experiment and not just memorize them for the sake of the exam.

How to revise Class 11 Maths?

  • The same idea has to be applied here as well. You need to have your own formulae written down because it will help you conceptualize the chapters in your own way. Mugging up formulae is the way for this exam in any subject. You need to have an in- depth understand and hold on these three fields. The only way to do that is to make sure your theory is clear and you are only focusing on the application of these concepts. These formulae will help you when you are revising for the exam in the end.
  • Practice is the only way to go about perfecting Maths. You have to dedicate it time because every problem is unique and you have to be used to its application in any way possible. This will help you see the way a problem can be asked and the combinations with which it can be paired.
  • Use the study material provided by your coaching centres as that will keep your preparation on track and in check as well. So, give proper time to your assignments and tests there too.

Tips to go about your preparation:

  • Get the right study material- It’s not just about the books, It is also about the guides and previous years’ questions you have because you need to attempt them to time yourself and work in a time- bound situation. You have to see whether the textbook comprises of the syllabus exactly. There is no point in buying a book randomly. Research on the books and guides before you buy them.
  • Speed matters- It happens that students are unable to finish their paper in time or get cold feet because of the sheer pressure of writing an exam. Practising solving problems in a time-bound situation will remove these fears and further sharpen your skills.
  • Utilize every vacation or weekend- Everyday matters, you don’t have enough time to complete the syllabus and perfect every subject if you don’t follow a timeline strictly. It may seem like a lot right now but keep the bigger picture in mind. You want to do well, you want to get the college you have always dreamt of. That requires some sacrifice.
  • Stay healthy- Your physical and mental health matters more than you realise right now. Workout at least 4 times a week. It can be anything- a sport, dancing, yoga, running, etc. but you have to do this because you are static the entire day and your body needs this to stay healthy. The last thing you want is aches and pains in your body or you falling ill because of low metabolism. This will also help you deal with the pressure and stress of your Board exams and JEE.
  • Be ready for anything- Even after you have put in your everything for this exam, you don’t get the rank you achieve or the college you want because of the cut-offs. Be prepared for it. You gave it your all and you need to be satisfied with the preparation and the way you give the exam.

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