JEE Main Preparation Tips for Maths

Mathematics is one of the most section one has to keep in mind which preparing for competitive exam such as IIT JEE Mathematics exam. Though Physics, Chemistry and Maths all have equal weightage in the IIT JEE Mathematics exam, but Maths holds an edge over everyone as it acts as a deciding factor when students score equal marks in total. Students who score the highest marks in Maths get higher rank among the two who have same overall scores. Moreover, the fundamental basis for Physics and Chemistry Numerical questions is Maths.

The syllabus of JEE Main Maths has both easy as well as difficult questions. Topics like straight lines and circles in coordinate geometry, quadratic equations, probability, trigonometry, differential calculus, permutations and combinations are easy to solve. You only need to work hard and practice a lot in order to crack the JEE examinations. JEE format is an MCQ format which not only tests your conceptual knowledge but also your applied brain.

Remember that you can solve any mathematics problem as long as your basics are clear. If you can easily understand the basics in the complicated questions, the answer will be very easy. But this art comes with a lot and lot of practice. So, if you are planning to score big on JEE Maths, buckle your seat and get ready to practice.

Important Topics for JEE Math

One of the common questions in students is that how to get good marks in Maths. So, let me tell you the topics from JEE main syllabus which can help you in cracking the exam and achieve better scores in the IIT JEE exams.

  • Algebra

It is one of the interesting topics which comes in the JEE examination and the only requirement to score good in this particular topic is to maintain a good speed having conceptual clarity. Algebra is pretty simple and any student can obtain good marks here. Important chapters that students should focus in Algebra are Differential Equations, Probability, Complex Numbers, Permutation and Combination, Quadratic Equations and Expressions, Matrices and Determinants, Progressions and Series, Binomial Theorem and last but not the least is Sets, Relations, and Functions.

  • Calculus

Calculus carries a huge chuck of Mathematics syllabus and hence considered as one of the major topics for both JEE and boards preparations. There are mainly two subsections in it which are Differential Calculus and Integral Calculus. These topics are further subdivided into Limits and Continuity, Application of Derivatives, Differentiation, Indefinite Integral, Definite Integral and Area under Curves.

  • Coordinate Geometry

Coordinate Geometry is another very scoring subject which is basically analysis of shapes. This is a topic in which you can score full marks. Sub topics which come under this are Straight Lines, Parabola, Hyperbola, Circle and Ellipse. Most of the times, Straight line and circle-based questions come in the paper.

  • Trigonometry

Another important section is Trigonometry which basics constitutes of trigonometric ratios and functions. The fundamentals of the trigonometry should be really strong and clear as various competitive exams ask questions based on this. If you prepare trigonometry proficiently, you can score really good marks. Most of the trigonometric questions can be solved using simple tricks and techniques which can be only developed after practice. JEE main last year question papers can help students to understand the difficulty level of the trigonometric questions and its variety.

Best Reference books for JEE Maths

These are some of the books which you can refer for cracking JEE Main and Advanced Maths paper. Since Maths is all about practice, depending upon the time you have, you can practice variety of problems from different books.

However, this is advisable to not study from too many books. This is a list of books you can study from; it is not necessary to read all. Remember to have time saved for Revision. Revision plays a fundamental part in getting good rank in JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

  • NCERT books
  • R.D. Sharma for Class XI & XII
  • Trigonometry and Coordinate Geometry by S.L. Loney
  • Higher Algebra by Hall Knight
  • Problems in Calculus of One Variable by L.A. Maron
  • Arihant Book Set of 5 (Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus, Algebra, Trigonometry & Vector and 3D Geometry)
  • Coordinate Geometry for JEE Main & Advanced by S K Goyal
  • TMH Mathematics
  • IIT Mathematics for JEE Main and Advanced by ML Khanna

How to Study Maths for JEE Main?

If you are thinking what you need to do to ace the exam here are some JEE Main preparation tips for maths you need to follow. If you follow this religiously, you will surely able to crack it. We have also combined some JEE Main 2019 preparation tips for maths with the 2020 which helped many students to score well in the JEE exams.

  • Work Smart along with Hard

Hard work is equally important as smart work. You are not just supposed to be busy with studies but rather productive. This may happen when you are studying too much and not take break. It may lead to fall in efficiency and less productive. It is really important to take rest, listen music or go out for a walk.

  • Plan Each Day. Schedule Day by Day Timetable.

Even if you plan, the main idea is to execute the plan. Plan is really important as it shows you the right direction. You should make a list of tasks like topics you need to study, number of questions you need to solve etc. and try to accomplish it each day.

  • Emphasize on Important Topics

Go through the important topics like Calculus and Algebra as mentioned above. Study these topics thoroughly. Practice each topics every day and clear your doubts.

  • Study all the formulae thoroughly

Formulae holds a very important part in Mathematics Exam. If you have problem in remembering them, it is advisable to create a list or table consolidating all the equations and formulae from the chapters. In order to learn it quickly, you must re read it again and again.

All the formulas in probability, geometry and trigonometry especially calculus will help you enormously.

  • Practice Application based questions

Revise differential equations and geometry applications. Also revise definite integrals properties. This revision must be done prior attempting JEE exams.

  • Start Revision

You should complete the syllabus at least two to three months before JEE exams. So that you will have enough time for revision as it will get you an edge and definitely help you to score more.

  • Last Year Questions Paper

Once done with revision, start solving previous year question papers. This is an important tip which you should not ignore at any cost. This will also give you a brief overview and timed practice for the JEE paper. Moreover, your confidence will also boost up.

  • Reference Books

After completing NCERT, you can refer the above given books. This will give you more detailed knowledge and explanation of each and every topic.

I have given you all the preparation tips for JEE Main Maths you need to ace the game. Now it is your chance to follow it and win the game. All the Best for your JEE exam!

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