Top 10 Tips to Crack JEE Main 2020

Do you aspire a career in the engineering sector? If yes, then you must be knowing a bit about the JEE (Joint Entrance Examinations) which is the entrance exam conducted twice a year to get admitted into the engineering colleges in India especially the National Institute of Technologies (NITs) and Indian Institute of Technologies (IITs).

A lot has changed in the pattern of JEE. At first, IIT JEE was tested in offline mode but now, it is conducted in two stages. First stage being JEE Main and second being JEE Advanced. Students who are able to qualify JEE Mains can only appear for JEE Advanced. The rank you receive in the exams will determine the engineering college you will get into.

Recently, the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD), Government of India (GOI) has established ‘National Testing Agency’ (NTA) for proper assessment of students prior admitted them to the premier higher education institutions. NTA is responsible for conducting a transparent and international standard test. From 2018, JEE Main is conducted twice in online mode however JEE Advanced is conducted only once.

Many students try to crack iit jee but the right approach does not click. So, here we are going to give you the JEE main 2020 preparation tips and tricks.

First, let’s focus on the JEE Main exam tips and tricks.

1. Start your study by making a list of chapters and topic which are going to come in JEE (Class 11 and 12 NCERT book Solutions ) and make a schedule of the same such that all the topics get covered on time.

Follow the schedule you prepared sincerely.

  • The syllabus covered JEE Main and JEE Advanced exam is so vast that it is very important for a student to study all the three subjects with same force.
  • You must have the idea of how to prepare for iit advanced as in how many topics are coming, what are its weightage, previous years question paper, paper pattern and so on.
  • You should begin your study with the critical chapters first which are being more stressed upon in the paper followed by other topics.

2. Make your goals clear. Don’t change them irrespective of anything. If you cannot focus on this goal, write it down as, “I will study for daily 8 hours instead of 6 hours.”

  • First, get a pen and paper and list out what all things you to. It should include time spent on phone, nap, eating food etc.
  • Gain focus and try to follow your course. Take mini breaks while studying.
  • Keep some time aside for relaxation, maybe have a walk or go outside and play a quick game of cricket. Otherwise you will feel too stressed out. Learn to relax and not quit.
  • Get enough sleep so that you can study well. A tired body will be ineffective.

3. Start completing the topic one by one. Choose one chapter at one time and concentrate on completing the basic concepts before shifting to another hard level questions.

You can also buy study materials if you do not want to refer to multiple books.

  • The idea is to study the materials and just not attend the coaching classes. The more time you study preparing the exam, better your scores will be and so will be your rank.
  • Once you know how to solve mix bag of questions, you must see different way of answering questions. As one solution might take less time, that method will be more fruitful to use during exam.

4. Make sure that all your basics in all the subjects are clear. No matter how hard you find it. Do not skip any topic. Try to study using new methods like table, diagrams or flowchart to study topics you find hard to make it more interesting.

NCERT books are the bible for both board exams and jee paper. Additional books can be referred to make concepts clearer. Solve as many questions you can as JEE is all about concept and practice.

5. Start working on improving your time management skills along with speed and accuracy. If you are not prepared enough to solve the problem, do not attempt the questions. First study the concepts and then attempt the questions. You can manage time in the following way.

  • Prioritize task accordingly- Make sure to study first and play later. You can watch Super 30 movie later but you cannot write your IIT JEE advanced again and again.
  • Say NO to friends and family- I am not saying to completely cut off from your friends and families. But if you wish to succeed you must remember starve your distractions and feed your focus.
  • Don’t Procrastinate- Do not delay any chapter. Tomorrow never comes. Sometimes later becomes never. So, do the assigned work according to the plan you have made.
  • Make it a habit- You can’t always be motivated so learn to be disciplined. If you study for same duration every day, soon it will a habit.
  • Set time duration for each task- Time your work because time is precious and you have limited time and tons of work to do. Our brain also processes it in a different way. If you wish to do same work in 4 hours, you will do it slowly. However, if you wish to do the same work in an hour, you will do it fast.

6. Clear your each and every doubt. If needed, join a good coaching class. They will show you the best way to solve that problem efficiently. Most of the students now a days opt for coaching classes. It saves your time immensely. You don’t have to wander from one library to other in search of books. At the same time, you don’t need to buy multiple books. The coaching class will help you in development of clear concepts for your exam and also make you rigorously practice for it.

7. While studying, make your own notes. It is easier way to revise as handmade notes are easy as well as convenient and also at the same time, they are written in your own style and format. Make a separate notebook for a quick revision of formulas.

8. Start early revision. Revision is the daily process of re reading the previous done topics and chapters. Don’t procrastinate the revision time for new study. Daily practice is very essential for JEE prep. Practicing variety of questions of various difficulty levels sharpen your skills.

Don’t take too swayed away with difficult problems. Practice all kinds of problem: easy, medium and hard.

9. Remember that the JEE Main 2020 will be conducted in online mode, so you must practice online mock tests on a computer. It’s therefore recommended to do an online mock test series. It is also very important to solve previous years question papers.

  • There are never any new questions. Concepts are the same. It is just that the pattern of the question is different this time.
  •  Once you start solving previous years questions paper, you will be able to understand the mindset of the teachers who set the paper. On the other hand, you also gain confidence since you are going to face similar problems in JEE exam. Practicing various question papers also helps in managing your time well.

10. Once you start giving online tests, you will be able to identify your mistakes and also understand why the mistake occurred at the first place. This will help you to achieve correct answers with more precision. Now you will be able to detect both your strengths and weakness. Work in your weakness to make it your strengths.

This jee main preparation tip is not that important but still you must keep this in mind. Despite working really hard, if you are not able to score as per your expectations in JEE Main 2020 do not panic. Remember you still have another go to increase your scores. Start working on improving your concepts and practice more and more questions, give as many online tests you can, and attempt JEE Main again in April session. May the odds be in your favour.

All the Best.

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