IIT JEE Preparation Tips 2020

Preparation Tips for IIT JEE 2020

With so much pressure and stress to do well in this exam, also comes unnecessary advice from friends or relatives. This can confuse you more and you may keep doubting yourself by trying to incorporate all their advice because you want to do well that exam. However, you have to understand that neither you need to do so much and completely orient your all for this exam nor do you need to do each and everything you hear. You need to decide what strategy works best for you. 

This article will help you with some tips and tricks you need to know for this exam. There will be multiple tips here for you to choose from. You have to see what works best for you because not everything will be the same in your preparation as someone else. It is possible that very different combinations of study strategies will work for you. However, you have to keep in mind that your Class 12 exams are important as well because you need at least 75% percentage in your Boards to cross the eligibility criteria for this examination.

  • Start early- Ideally, students start their preparation after their 10th Boards because of the vast syllabus and difficulty of this exam. It is best that you begin the preparation for this exam as soon as possible. This will also help you stay ahead of your class, and when the topic is being taught to you in class, it will be like a revision. Even when you are studying for your school exams, it will be like a revision but this is only possible when you get a head start on your syllabus. You can also ask your teachers doubts that may pop up during class, and all these varieties of explanations and problems will further help you grasp the concept well.
  • Get the right study material- No, keeping piles and piles of books next to your study table is not going to help you because those books may be bought unnecessarily and may not even have the syllabus you need to cover for this exam. So, before you buy a book for your preparation, you need to do proper research about it. Ask your teachers and friends but more importantly, you need to see whether the book is covering the syllabus you need to finish. For that, you need to keep the syllabus for JEE 2020 in mind before you go to the market and buy any and all books you see in Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. You also need to see the language of the book and the difficulty levels it has.
  • Have your basic concepts in place- You need to know your basics inside out by the time you tackle your 12th syllabus because your Class 11 syllabus forms the base of concepts you will be touching upon in 12th. And, you cannot complicate and move on to more nuanced topics if your theory and basics are not done. So, perfect them as much as possible. Especially in Chemistry, you can get some basic theoretical questions that you should know at the back of your hand. And route learning is not the way through this exam, you have to actually know and absorb all that you can about the topics mentioned in the syllabus. You can’t jump chapters and “come back to them later” because that never ends up happening and you may not understand concepts in the next chapter because of skipping topics.
  • Set a schedule- This does not only include your daily schedule but also the timeline you need to set for yourself in terms of when does the registration begin and when is the tentative date for the January attempt, which is usually in the first two weeks of January. So, you need to keep an eye out for such details. This will help you decide your daily schedule as well because now you have a solid timeline in front of you, and you can see that you don’t have a lot of time to waste when you weigh in your school work and exams, along with your preparation. All this is only achievable if you strictly adhere to your schedule and not miss even a day because you cannot afford a backlog right now.
  • Time management- You need to set goals for yourself that are achievable and realistic. You cannot finish your entire syllabus in two weeks. You have to give equal time to all three subjects because even in the exam, equal importance is given to these subjects. You have to give time to five things in your day- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, School/ coaching work, and time to work out- it can be anything, it can be a sport, dancing, yoga, etc. Yes, this sounds like a lot but this exam is not easy and you need to exceptional to crack it. When you have your timeline fixed for JEE, you need to give an entire month just for revision, which will include you just giving mock tests and solving previous years’ papers.
  • Prioritise- You have to make your studies your priority. It may sound like a lot but if you keep the bigger picture in mind- your admission in an IIT or an equally good college, you will have to make a few sacrifices now. You have to be exceptional to score well in this exam because the paper is tough and more than 10,00,000 lakh students give it every year and only a few lakh students qualify onto Advanced, which is still a step away from you getting a college.
  • Revision- The only way to perfect the syllabus is by constant revision. There is no point in you finishing the syllabus without attempting to practise questions and complete assignments because these different kinds of questions will tell you your ability to solve any and all kinds of problems in that topic. This needs to be a constant exercise to get rid of you forgetting the concepts after you have done them. You have to go through mock tests and assignments, which are also available online, to see your predictive rank and to also observe how well you perform under pressure. Understand your strengths and weaknesses through these mock tests and work to improve them.

Do you need to know everything for JEE?

You need to strictly adhere to the syllabus and not try to study more than required because you anyways would not have time to move the syllabus. However, it can happen that you studied sub- topics that you were not supposed to, so be careful about that. Education Institutes understand the pressure students have on them, which why only your Class 11 and 12 syllabus are asked in these exams, and nothing else. They expect you to have a very good knowledge of it because these topics will not be taught in college and will only be built on further.

Do you have to join a coaching institute to prepare for this examination?

While most students join coaching institutions to help them clear the IIT JEE exam, it is not a compulsory condition to anyone scoring well in that exam. There are alternatives to a coaching centre, you can enrol in an online forum that will help you through videos and by providing study material, just like a coaching would. There are many online forums that have their videos and study materials available to students for free on their websites and apps. Even many mock test series are available for free, but it is ideal that you enrol in some kind of coaching- online or offline because you will be in a constant check and will stay on track with your studies.

Important Topics for JEE Physics 2020:

  • Current Electricity and Thermodynamics have been repeated frequently from 2015.
  • Focus on the theoretical aspects of each topic because they can be asked, which includes the various theories put forward by Physicists.
  • Fluid Mechanics, Optics and Modern Physics need to be focused on as well.

Important Topics for JEE Chemistry 2020:

  • The generic principles of Organic and Physical Chemistry should be clear because they are extremely scoring and will also help you in JEE Advanced.
  • Chemical Bonding, P- Block, S- Block, Thermodynamic and Thermochemistry are important topics and are repeated frequently.
  • All the formulae, facts and figures in Chemistry will only be clear if you write them down yourself, even though you may have notes and formula sheets from your coaching. Writing it yourself will help you remember them and understand them at the same time.

Important Topics for JEE Maths 2020:

  • You need to see which topics are repeated most frequently in the paper. For example, Complex Numbers, Quadratic Equations and Co-ordinate Geometry has been repeated every since 2015.
  • Mathematical Reasoning, Differential Equation, Matrices and Determinants and Probability
  • Understand how to solve the questions as fast as possible. For that, you need to work on your speed.
  • Learn to break down the tougher questions into simpler ones to answer them quickly and efficiently.

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