JEE Advanced Syllabus 2020

JEE Advanced Syllabus 2020 – Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics

JEE Advanced is the cornerstone to the entire IIT, IISc, ICERT, and RJIPT institutes in India. Securing admission in the leading IIT colleges can only be made by having a satisfactory cut-off score. This score depends on the overall percentage of top-scorers in the examination. With less than 1% of total applicants being able to successfully get a seat at India’s leading IIT colleges.

It makes a significant impact if the students are aware of any noticeable syllabus changes well in advance. JEE Advanced is the last formal examination to secure an admission at the leading IIT colleges, has a lot of importance in India and other countries like Dubai and the US.

As a whole, JEE Advanced is one of the most critical national examinations that is conducted in India every single year. Thus, making it highly relevant for students to prepare well in advance for the upcoming exam. Preparations for the exam generally start a couple of years prior or in some cases, around five years before as the candidate has a very slim chance to complete the examination and secure admission in one of the IIT colleges in India.

Securing a seat in one of the IITs not only promises a better future but also opens up a wide variety of opportunities to the students like a chance to avail multiple scholarships, study abroad or get an opportunity to be hired by some of the best companies like Google, Amazon, and Apple.

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Importance of JEE Advanced:

JEE advanced examination has a lot of significance in the current engineering segment. The reason being the number of opportunities that are made available after the successful completion of the course. Due to this very reason, every year, more than 10 lakh students appear for JEE Mains, of which 2 lakh students are found to be eligible to appear in JEE Advanced. Thus, making it one of the most competitive yet critical national examination to be conducted for engineering admissions in India.

Preparation for JEE Advanced:

As per the yearly criteria, students who have secured more than 75% or rank in the top 20% in their XII board exams are found to be eligible to apply for the JEE exam. The JEE Mains score is the second requirement for a student to be found available. As a whole, JEE Advanced demands a lot of dedication and effort in order for the student to rank above his/her peers. Failing to do so can lead to the student being unable to secure a seat in the varied IIT colleges across India as JEE scores are highly considered for a student to be considered to be a valid candidate at IITs.

Preparation for the exam starts right by understanding the syllabus for the exam to learning about all the possible concepts for the reviews. JEE is also highly notorious for making some critical changes to its program every year. Hence, the students who are capable of adapting to these changes at the earliest are found to have a better chance over their peers.

One such method is by being in the loop and having accurate information about all the latest news and trends related to the examination. This is especially difficult due to the number of experts and coaching institutes that spread information that they may not certainly know about. Also, the JEE exam conducting two different papers with 56 questions each has a different syllabus being covered for both exams.

With Physics, Chemistry, including Mathematics as the main subject, most of the concepts are generally covered in the XII board examinations with some exceptions for some specific ideas. Below mentioned are some of the concepts covered for JEE Advanced 2020 paper 1 & 2 syllabus

Essential tips to remember while preparing:

JEE Advanced is a tentative exam, so to make for the same, here are some of the tips that you should follow.

1.Make sure that you have made a list of the study courses and materials at the same time. All these study courses and articles, when gathered together, will help you to alleviate the wastage of time so that you can dive straight in.

2.Understand the nature and the scope of your syllabus before you proceed with it. Since there is a lot of this syllabus unattained, most of the questions come from the parts which the students think are easy. So wrap your head around the individual cases and make sure that you learn them better.

3.Take help from the experts if you think that the preparation is over the top for you. Experts in this line will help you to understand which topics you can choose to study, and the rest can be dismissed. It will be a better investment than just fondling around with your book’s pages.

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Syllabus for IIT JEE Advanced 2020 Physics Exam:

Here is the syllabus for the general group:

These include all the basic concepts like:

  • units and dimensions
  • dimensional analysis
  • least count and significant figures
  • Prominent methods that are used for error analysis for physical quantities like Vernier calipers.
  • Screw gauge, Simple pendulum, Young’s Modulus, Calorimeter, Focal length of concave and convex lens.
  • Speed of sound, verification of Ohm’s law and determining the specific resistance of any given wire.

Most of these concepts are already covered in the XII board syllabus.

Mechanics: This includes subjects like:

  • two dimensions, projectiles
  • uniform circular motion
  • relative velocity
  • Other methods to define fundamental mechanical physics.

Some of the other important topics covered under the IIT JEE Advanced 2020 syllabus are Thermal Physics, Electricity, and Magnetism, Optics, and Modern Physics.

Syllabus for JEE Advanced 2020 Chemistry Exam:

The topics covered under the Chemistry include some general issues from the XII board syllabus.

  • Gaseous and liquid states
  • Atomic structure and chemical bonding
  • Energetics
  • Chemical equilibrium
  • Electrochemistry
  • Chemical kinetics
  • Solid-state
  • Solutions
  • Surface chemistry
  • Nuclear chemistry
  • other essential concepts from organic and inorganic chemistry.

JEE Advanced 2020 Mathematics Exam Syllabus:

The JEE Advanced 2020 syllabus for Mathematics includes essential topics like:

  • Algebra
  • Matrices
  • Probability
  • Trigonometry
  • Analytical Geometry
  • Differential calculus
  • Integral calculus, and vectors.

As a whole, the Mathematics syllabus for IIT JEE Advanced 2020 mostly revolves around the concepts that are covered in the XII board examination.

Except for the syllabus details mentioned above much, more information can be found online on the official site of JEE Advanced 2020.

Importance of knowing the syllabus for JEE Advanced 2020:

The primary factor that defines the result of a student in the preparation and strategy that goes into creating a plan for the JEE Advanced 2020 examinations. Having a detailed idea about the syllabus can help effectively gain a leading advantage over their peers. With a wide variety of sources, online the students can generally get a lot of information about the syllabus for the JEE Advanced examination. Though with a wide range of information sources, there is a lot of risks associated like the possibility of the information being fake or not accurate, which could adversely affect the overall performance of the candidate.

Finding quality information channels:

With the development of technology, it has now become essential to verify the source of information to make a logical decision. Failing to distinguish between detailed and inaccurate information cannot just reduce the chances of the candidate being selected but can also affect the scores of the candidate.

We at Mathongo thus believe in performing detailed research and deliver the best information to all out students and educators in India. With our years of expertise working into the creation of the best quality examination solutions, we now help students secure high scores by making use of the best practices.

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