JEE Main Online Mock Test Series

Free Online JEE Main Mock Test Series

JEE Mains is a hard thing to crack, and with the help of the test series, you can do much better in your first exam than what you are compelled or leveled to. These series are remarkably better for you, and they will help you to understand how the entrance exam is conducted so that you can be prepared for the best. It will also teach you how to submit your answers at the right time so that you can revise them and at the same time, not make sure that you get negative remarks for the said formats.

Mathongo has released a jee main test series, which can help you to achieve better results and marks. The series is based on several mock papers that you can try out as a trail or a practice run before you sit for the exam. We have around 75 new platform texts and about 350+ chapters, which are covered with the usage of the 750+ questions that are produced from our end.

Free Online Mock Test for JEE Main 2020

About 80 percent of our students have scored around in a massive percentile with the use of our jee main test series. Our test series are based on the JEE Mains syllabus and is based on the current patterns so that you can understand how to sit for your actual examination. Here is how the test patterns are marked from our end.

  1. The test patterns are precisely that of the NTA syllabus.
  2. You will get help from the experienced teachers based on us.
  3. Instant solutions and analysis of the test papers that you have submitted at our platform.
  4. Jee’s main online test series consists of the 750+ questions and 350+ chapters, which are all based on the new syllabus.
  5. All India Rank and board.
  6. Notes and formula sheets coming in excel or PDF formats so that you can get a reference for your said chapters.

Why are the JEE Main Online Test Series Needed?

Here is why and how the jee main online test series can help you to have a compelling future and a better percentile for the exam.

  1. It helps you to prepare adequately with the usage of crash courses and subjects so that you can understand how the actual examination is taken place.
  2. These jee main online test series helps you to understand your actual preparation level and how well is your preparation based on the study that you have. It lets you have an analysis so that you can appreciate all of them better. 
  3. You can log into our website and then click onto the test series and then appear for the same. Since our jee main online test series free is particularly depicted in the NTA Format, it helps you to understand when and how you can leave out the questions which you cannot attend.
  4. They are an excellent way and helps you to keep a reminder so that you can prepare for the best and understand your course better.

JEE Main Online Test Series Free

JEE is one of the leading exams in India, and appearing for it is not as easy as it looks. A lot of students from all around the world can fail while they are performing for the said exam, so it is always better that you have prepared before handily. It will not only help you to understand what you need to learn but also be a guiding hand for you to source out the essential questions and what can come into your paper.

A summary on the exam body for the JEE Mains

Parameters Particulars
Exam modeComputer based exam.
Exam durationThe duration of the exam is 3 hours.
Subjects coveredPhysics Chemistry and Mathematics.
A total number of questions:75. Each subject has 25 questions. 
Type of questions:  20 Objective questions having four options each with only one correct option5 Numerical problems with numerical value as an answer 
Marking Scheme300


How many tests will I get from this platform?

Mathongo helps you to get around 350+ New Pattern Chapter wise tests. It has around 75+New NTA Pattern with numerical questions. For your schedule of jee main 2019 test series, you can check here if you want. It will help you to understand how you can get appear for the said mock tests.

What if I miss a test which has been there in my schedule?

If you miss appearing for the online test series for jee mains 2019 provided from our site, then don’t worry. There are other said tests that you can look for, according to your convenience and schedule that you want to maintain.

Are the questions difficult or easy?

The online test series for jee mains 2019 questions that you will get from our site consists of the same range of difficulty to what you will get into the actual exams. We help prepare our students for the real exam so that they can work out in the same parameters that are set by NTA itself.

Are the tests free?

Yes, the jee mains test series free that you will get from our site comes at no cost. This means that you can register with your ID and then log in to appear for the said exams. We don’t charge the students to look for the mock tests.

Where can I take these tests?

You can take this test anywhere you want. It does not depend on the type of online device that you have for taking this test. It can be done through any media that you want. For example, if you want, then you can appear for the mock tests with the use of your mobile device, your PC, or even your laptop.

Can I take an exam extra than once?

No. you cannot take the jee mains test series free more than once from our site. There is no point in retaking a test if you have already found out your results.

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