KVPY Important Topics 2019

Important Topics for KVPY 2019 – SA, SB & SX Stream

Cracking any competitive exam was never easy. We have tried to make your task easier by providing all the important topics you must cover before appearing for KVPY 2019. KVPY 2019 is being held for 3 different groups of students class 21st, 12th, and 1st-year undergraduates. Being different level of education, they have kept the exam difficulty adhering to that.

Working with the main objective of nurturing young minds with research related works by providing complete assistance of scholarships throughout their education life until the complete their Ph.D. KVPY has gained attention nationwide for its scholarships and contingency programmes.

The candidates those who have qualified both the exams (Theory and Interview) would be eligible to get scholarships as give below:

Basic Sciences( Only granted to those students those who purse Basic Science after class 12th, fulfilling all the eligibility criteria):

Monthly Fellowship

Annual Contingency Grant

Students qualified from SA/SX/SB- during their 1st to 3rd years of- B. Sc./B. Stat./Int. M. Sc. /Int. M.S. would be getting :

  • Monthly Fellowship of INR 5000
  • Annual Contingency Grant of INR 20000


Students qualified from SA/SX/SB- during their M. Sc./ 4th to 5th years of their Int. M. Sc./or throughout their Int. M.S they would be getting :

  • Monthly Fellowship of INR 7000
  • Annual contingency grant of INR 28000

Creating So much Hype among the students every year the difficulty of the examination is increasing. So covering the whole concept before the examinations become an impossible task, thus if students cover certain important topics, then it would help them to score better than their competitors.

We have tried to provide you with important topics from every section of all the three streams citing their importance along with the frequency of appearance in different exams. In the end, we have included all the names of the important chapter you should look forward before appearing the examination.

For Students giving SA stream

  • As it covers most of class 9th and 10th portion in Physics the students should give special attention to Laws of Motion and Kinematics. Questions from electrostatics and Thermodynamics are also repeated frequently.
  • In Chemistry as Physical and Inorganic Chemistry holds more weightage than organic. It consists of more numerical than conceptual questions.
  • In mathematics, Algebra holds great importance. There are several important topics like Statistics, Probability, Quadratic Equation, etc on which questions definitely come every year.
  • Questions from biology in SA stream are not so tough. Consisting of a portion of class 9th, 10th and some parts of class 11th it general focused on big chapters like diversity in living Organisms and Reproductions.

So all the important topics are:

  • Physics
    • Kinematics
    • Laws of Motion
    • Electrostatics
    • Thermodynamics
  • Chemistry
    • Physical
      • Mole Concept
      • States of Matter
    • Inorganic
      • S and P block
  • Biology
    • Diversity in Living organism
    • Reproduction
  • Mathematics
    • Statistics
    • Probability
    • Quadratic Equations

For Students giving SX stream

  • In Physics it gets more advanced than SA emphasizing more on electricity and magnetism. Many direct questions come from topics like AC current and analysis
  • In Chemistry, organic chemistry is most important. From questions of different aromatic compounds to the synthesis of different polymers. Organic chemistry holds more weightage than inorganic and physical.
  • Mathematics for SX stream generally includes more questions from coordinate geometry and topics like parabola, hyperbola, ellipse and their properties. You would also be getting questions from planes and 3D geometry.
  • In Biology, it gets a little deeper into the topics like control system in plants and animals, Life process and control and coordination.

Topics you should definitely look before the examinations are:

  • Physics
    • Electricity
    • Magnetic properties of electric current
    • AC current and AC analysis
  • Chemistry
    • Organic
      • Synthesis of Alkanes, Alkenes and Alkynes
      • Aromatics Compounds
      • Polymers
  • Mathematics
    • Coordinate Geometry
    • Conic Sections
      • Parabola
      • Hyperbola
      • Ellipse
      • Circle
    • 3D geometry
    • Planes
  • Biology
    • Life Process
    • Control and Coordination
    • Control System of Plants and Animals

For Students giving SB stream

  • As it is meant for 1st year undergraduates, it covers important topics which have higher scopes in research like quantum mechanics, Thermodynamics, Work and Energy and even properties of Lights.
  • Questions from Inorganic and Organic covers most of the portion. The questions are mostly based on important exceptions.
  • Calculus is very important in mathematics for SB stream examination. You will be finding several questions on limits, derivatives, differentiation, and integrals.
  • The portion for biology remains overall like that of SX stream with the addition of some other important concepts like Genetics and Evolution, Biology and Human welfare and Cell structure.

Some of the important topics you can’t miss out are:

  • Physics
    • Quantum Mechanics
    • Thermodynamics
    • Work and Energy
    • Properties of Light
      • Reflection
      • Refraction
  • Chemistry
    • Inorganic
      • Acids and Bases
      • D and F blocks
    • Organic
      • Important exceptions
      • Sn1 and Sn2 reactions
  • Mathematics
    • Calculus
      • Limits
      • Derivatives and Applications of Derivatives
      • LMVT and Rolle’s Theorem
      • Differentiation
      • Integrations
  • Biology
    • Genetics and Evolutions
    • Cell Structure
    • Biology of Human welfare

Overall, You have to first make your basic concepts on every topic mentioned above clear so that even if any other question comes you would be able to relate it with your fundamentals.

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