KVPY Books 2019

KVPY 2019 Books – Best Books for KVPY Stream SA, SX & SB Preparation

KVPY has become tougher every year, with proper study materials and best books available over the internet you can easily crack the examinations. Finding the best book for any topic is always tough, until and unless you have completely referred a particular book its hard on your part to judge it. Our Highly trained faculties have carefully compiled all the important books you must refer for KVPY 2019. We have made tables including the names of all the must recommended books for your convenience.

As you must be knowing, KVPY is conducted in 3 different streams SA, SB and SX for classes 11th, 12th and 1st year undergraduates pursuing Basic Science. The syllabus is different for different streams, and the toughness increases every Stream. The Secret behind Cracking any competitive examinations is always to make our fundamentals clear at first.

Subjects SA (Class 11th) SX (class 12th) SB (1st year UG)
Maths NCERT Maths class 11th NCERT maths class 12th RD Sharma Objective and both NCERT class 11th and 12th
Physics SL Arora Part 1 (for class 11th) SL Arora Part 2 (for class 12th) Haliday Resnic by Wiley Publisher
Chemistry NCERT Chemistry class 11th NCERT Chemistry class 12th Pradeep’s Chemistry class 11th and 12th .
Biology NCERT Biology class 11th Ncert Biology class 12th Pradeep’s Biology class 11th and 12th.

As given above, the mentioned books will make your core concepts clear letting you know in depth of every chapter. You will be able to go in depth of every chapter, making it helpful for your future. But for competitive exams like KVPY where you have to score in a stipulated time you need more than just concepts, that is practice.

Here we have mentioned few books which are filled with MCQ type questions letting you manage your time and concentrations side by side. Practice is a must before appearing for such National Level examinations as you have to compete with lakhs of students having the same level of preparations as yours. Thus in such situations your approach towards question will help you to score better with more accuracy.

Subjects SA (Class 11th) SX (class 12th) SB (1st year UG)
Maths Tata McGraw Hill Book for JEE class 11th Tata McGraw Hill Book for JEE class 12th RD Sharma Objective
Physics DC Pandey all modules for class 11th DC Pandey all modules for class 12th DC Pandey Question Bank for Jee
Chemistry OP Tondon (for Organic, Inorganic and Physical) OP Tondon( for Organic, Inorganic and Physical) P Bahadur (Question Bank for JEE)
Biology TrueMan’s Objective Biology for NEET Vo 1 TrueMan’s Objective Biology for NEET Vol 2 TrueMan’s Objective Biology for NEET both Vol

Practice might help you in better approach but many students get stuck at difficult concepts and their time passes by. Going by fundamentals and lots of practice will make you confident but as soon as you get stuck at some question, all the confidence falls down. For helping you out of this, you need to have an extra points from every chapter making you learn about exceptions, important properties and theorems. Here we have mentioned certain Reference books which can be used for all the streams (SA/SB/SX) :

Subjects SA (Class 11th)
Maths Titu Andreescu’s book for Olympiads
Physics Concepts of Physics by H.C Verma
Chemistry K.S Verma for Physical Chemistry, JD Lee for inorganic and Himanshu Pandey for Organic Chemistry
Biology Biological Sciences by Greens and Stout

Overall, you will find several reference books people recommending over the internet but the best book is the one through which you are able to actually understand the concepts and learn something out of it. You can try our recommended books for KVPY examinations as they are popular among students and many of them have got benefitted due to it. You can even check our other website to know about the KVPY syllabus which would help you to choose your book faster.

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