BITSAT Cut Off 2020

BITSAT Cut Off (2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014)

With only a handful of top educational institutes, it becomes difficult for lakhs of aspirants to obtain the degree of their dream choice. Will you agree if it is said that the only deciding factor that determines the fate of aspirants in pursuing their aspiration is the cutoff scores. The cutoff marks being the qualifying marks to be obtained for being eligible for various courses play a vital role in deciding the college and course. The unsaid rule of scoring well above the cutoff scores yields the pathway to one’s dream.

Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences conducts the Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences Admission Test (BITSAT) every year for admissions to its engineering, pharmacy and integrated science courses. The cutoff scores determining admissions to the Institute of Eminence award recipient will, of course, seem impossible to score. This article talks about the salient features about BITS cutoff scores and its detailed analysis

Key Points about BITAST Expected Cutoff 2020 scores

  • Separate cut off scores will be calculated for different courses at the three BITS campuses – Pilani campus, Hyderabad campus, Goa campus
  • There will be two merit lists based on cutoff scores
  • One for all courses being offered except for the pharmacy courses
  • One separate list for just pharmacy courses
  • There are no special cutoff scores for categories and hence there are no reservations
  • While individual marks obtained will be displayed right after the completion of the exam, the cut off scores will be announced only after the exam weeks end
  • There will be multiple rounds of counseling based on various cutoff scores iterations

Here are some BITSAT previous years cut off score’s observations

Cut off scores lists campus-wise for the year 2019

Branches at BITS Pilani CampusScore
B.E. Manufacturing engineering255
B.E. Civil engineering269
B.E. Chemical engineering 281
B.E. Mechanical engineering313
B.E. Electronics & Instrumentation engineering328
B.E. Electrical & electronics engineering341
B.E. Computer Science engineering383
M.Sc. Biological Sciences265
M.Sc. Chemistry269
M.Sc. Physics290
M.Sc. Mathematics297
M.Sc. Economics315
Branches at BITS Goa CampusScore
B.E. Chemical engineering254
B.E. Mechanical engineering280
B.E. Electronics & Instrumentation engineering294
B.E. Electrical and Electronics engineering310
B.E. Electronics & Communication engineering322
B.E. Computer Science engineering352
M.Sc. Biological Sciences250
M.Sc. Chemistry256
M.Sc. Physics274
M.Sc. Mathematics276
M.Sc. Economics295
Branches at BITS Hyderabad CampusScore
B.E. Chemical engineering 252
B.E. Civil engineering 254
B.E. Mechanical engineering 275
B.E. Electronics & Instrumentation 294
B.E. Electrical and Electronics engineering 308
B.E. Electronics & Communication engineering 318
B.E. Computer Science 342
M.Sc. Biological Sciences 247
M.Sc. Chemistry 249
M.Sc. Physics 265
M.Sc. Mathematics 270
M.Sc. Economics 290
B.Pharm. 161

Cut off scores branch-wise at Pilani campus

Branch Name201920182017201620152014
Manufacturing Engineering255270288311308311
Civil Engineering269274294314312322
Chemical Engineering281280306319315326
Mechanical Engineering313313334346345351
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering328319332345340346
Electrical & Electronics Engineering341338355362362359
Computer Science and Engineering383378382384378375
M.Sc. Biological Sciences265259237304299300
M.Sc. Chemistry269265265308307310
M.Sc. Physics290288304324319316
M.Sc. Mathematics297297312330324321
M.Sc. Economics315309323335326323
B. Pharmacy195213221240214160

Cut off scores branch-wise at Goa campus

Branch Name201920182017201620152014
Chemical Engineering254260276301298295
Mechanical Engineering280283304322319312
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering294289301312311305
Electrical & Electronics Engineering310308320331327315
Electronics & Communication Engineering322314322
Computer Science and Engineering352347350358351339
M.Sc. Biological Sciences250252202297292285
M.Sc. Chemistry256255235300296288
M.Sc. Physics274275270307303293
M.Sc. Mathematics276277273310305294
M.Sc. Economics295292290315309296

Cut off scores branch-wise at Hyderabad campus

Branch Name201920182017201620152014
Chemical Engineering252257272298296294
Civil Engineering254258273303303300
Mechanical Engineering275275297316315308
Electronics & Instrumentation Engineering294286298313311307
Electrical & Electronics Engineering308298310324318311
Electronics and Communication Engineering318312320332326317
Computer Science Engineering342334339347339329
M.Sc. Biological Sciences 247250202296292284
M.Sc. Chemistry 249254222299295286
M.Sc. Physics 265265251304302291
M.Sc. Mathematics 270267258307302291
M.Sc. Economics 290283279310305293
B.Pharm. 161177200224201160

Some Interesting Observations from BITSAT Previous Year Cutoffs

  • B.E. in computer science and M.Sc. in economics have the highest cut off scores every year
  • The cutoff scores for engineering and integrated science courses are highest in Pilani campus followed by Goa and then by Hyderabad campus
  • Pharmacy course has the same cut off the range in Pilani and Hyderabad campus

BITSAT 2020 Cut off scores’ dependent factors

BITSAT cut off scores 2020 are decided by a committee of experts from BITS based on the BITSAT statistics that are given below

  • BITSAT 2020 exam difficulty levels
  • Total number of candidates appearing for BITSAT 2020
  • Cumulative number of seats in all the campus
  • Highest and lowest scores in the BITSAT exam
  • BITSAT last year Cut off scores’ trends

Known for world-class campus facilities, infrastructure, experienced and sound teaching staff and remarkable student base, the BITS is one of the country’s most competitive campuses. To crack the entrance examination to get into BITS, speed and accuracy are the mantras. The BITSAT 2020 expected cut off would be similar to that of the previous year’s and this could probably help you prepare and choose better.

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