BITSAT 2018 Question Paper with Solutions

BITSAT Question Paper with Solutions for 2018 – PDF Download

BITS Pilani conducted its BITSAT 2018 exam with all its glory and grace. BITSAT (Birla Institute of Technology & Science Admission Test) is a renowned exam for getting into the top private engineering colleges of India.

This exam is conducted around the third week of May, once every year and is one of the most sought after exams for engineering aspirants. Every year, BITSAT is ranked as one of the toughest exams to crack in this field and requires a lot of effort in terms of speed, accuracy, concept, clarity and hard work. Hence, BITSAT releases its mock question papers as well as posts its previous year question papers for practice.

BITSAT 2018 Question Paper Analysis

The BITSAT 2018 previous year question paper to the 2019 one was much easier comparatively. The questions ranging from easy to moderate level were more and hence the paper was easy to score.

Core SubjectsEasyModerateDifficult


According to the students’ review, the mathematics section was moderate to their surprise. A high difficulty was predicted by some coaching institutes in the mathematics section. Only around 9-11 questions were difficult in this section and the remaining were quite moderate and easy. Most numbers of questions were asked from the derivatives section of class XII while the least weightage is given to trigonometry, triangles, statistics, and complex numbers. This section was overall a game-changer as most students could have easily attempted the questions right in this section.


To everyone’s surprise, the chemistry section was also quite moderate to do. The questions had an easy to moderate range and were fairly easy. As compared to the difficulty of 2019’s paper, the BITSAT 2018 previous year paper had quite easy Organic and Physical Chemistry questions. Physical Chemistry had the maximum weightage out of all the questions in the section. On the other hand, the lowest weightage was given to Organic Chemistry which had a moderate level. Overall in this section, 13-15 questions were extremely easy and could have easily fetched marks to the candidates. Around 20 questions were of moderate level and also tricky.


As students have already expected, the BITSAT question paper 2018 had the toughest section as Physics. The physics section had lengthy calculations, tricky questions, and extremely confusing answers. This section took a lot of the candidates’ time and energy in the entire paper. Most questions were out of Magnetism and Electricity, i.e., there were around 15 questions from these topics. Least weightage was given to Modern Physics, Thermodynamic, and SHM & Waves. Hence students who had a stronghold of Magnetism and Electricity would have bagged this section entirely. This section included around 16 extremely difficult questions and the rest were moderate. Only 2 questions in this entire section were seen as easy for students.


The overall paper can be termed as a moderate one since two of the sections were manageable. Talking about the physics section, students who had been preparing for IIT-JEE wouldn’t have found it so difficult. No doubt the difficulty level of this section was high but was manageable when compared to the IIT-JEE paper of the same year. Overall, a smart student could have completed all the 150 questions within 3 hours and would have come for the last 12 questions set. BITSAT 2018 question paper pdf download is available in our sites online for students to prepare for future BITSAT tests.

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