BITSAT 2017 Question Paper with Solutions

BITSAT Question Paper with Solutions for 2017 – PDF Download

BITSAT 2017 was conducted between 16 May and 29 May in over 59 cities of the country. BITSAT was conducted successfully in online mode. A large number of candidates appeared for the exam from all over the country. Below is a detailed analysis of the BITSAT 2017 question paper and its difficulty level.

BITSAT 2017 Paper Analysis

Core SubjectsEasyModerateDifficult


  • The toughness level of Chemistry paper ranged from easy to moderate and was a fairly easy section.
  • Chemistry in BITSAT 2017 question paper was more of concept based and a little of facts. This section overall had more analytical questions and was doable by an average candidate.
  • The highest weightage was given to Physical and Organic Chemistry in the entire section.
  • On the other hand, the least weightage was given to Inorganic Chemistry with a mere 6-8 questions from this topic in the entire section.
  • Also, equal weightage was given to both the XI and Xll standards.
TopicsNo. of QuestionsMaximum MarksWeightage
Physical Chem-1103025%
Physical Chem-282420%
Organic Chem-151512.5%
Organic Chem-292722.5%
Inorganic Chem-1265%
Inorganic Chem-261815%


  • Physics had a number of tedious and lengthy calculations and as expected, was the toughest section in the BITSAT 2017 question paper.
  • This section consumed the most time of the candidates as it was very tricky. The toughness level of this section fairly ranged from moderate to difficult, wherein, the number of moderate and difficult questions were almost the same.
  • Also, this section gave importance to the Xl class syllabus more when compared to the questions asked from Xll.
  • Questions were situation based and required the presence of mind of the candidates. The options to chose from were quite confusing as well.
  • Major questions were from Electricity & Magnetism and Mechanics.
TopicsNo. of QuestionsMaximum MarksWeightage
Heat and Thermodynamics41210%
Electricity and Magnetism154537.5%
SHM & Waves41210%
Modern physics41210%


  • Mathematics, on the other hand, focused more on the Xll standard curriculum and had a toughness level ranging from moderate to difficult.
  • For most of the students, physics and mathematics were equally tough to solve.
  • Again this year as well, a major chunk of questions were asked from derivatives and sequences and series. This pattern of focusing on derivatives has been seen a number of times in the mathematics section of BITSAT.
  • One can always refer to the BITSAT 2017 question paper pdf download online for preparations.
TopicsNo. of QuestionsMaximum MarksWeightage
Straights lines & pair of straight lines264%
Theory of Equation264%
Continuity & Differentiability264%
Properties of Triangles132%
Sets, Relations & Functions264%
Binomial Theorem264%
Trigonometric Ratios & Identities264%
Maurice & Determinants397%
Trigonometric Equations264%
Application of Derivatives72116%
Permutation & Combination397%
Inverse Trigonometry132%
Sequence & Series41213%
Complex Numbers132%
Limits & Differential Coefficients264%


Students can always find the BITSAT 2017 question paper with solutions online for practice and further reference. Overall, the paper was moderate and doable by the majority of students. Some questions were apparently very hard and tricky but on average, the difficulty level wasn’t too high. BITSAT 2017 question paper pdfs are easily available online. On Mathongo, one can also find the BITSAT 2017 question paper with solutions for preparations.

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