BITSAT 2016 Question Paper with Solutions

BITSAT Question Paper with Solutions for 2016 – PDF Download

BITSAT 2016 started on 14th May and was conducted across 51 cities of the country. There were no glitches in the exam and was conducted smoothly. BITSAT 2016 was in talks for being a very tricky paper. Some candidates even found the paper tougher than the JEE Mains and hence it becomes really essential to analyze the difficulty level of this exam and examine the changes in the pattern that have occurred. Below is a brief analysis of the BITSAT 2016 paper and its chief components of importance.

BITSAT 2016 Question Paper Analysis

BITSAT 2016 was termed as an overall tough paper. This exam had tricky questions, confusing options, and higher standards. Each section has been talked about in brief in this article and analyses the parts where students could have scored really well and where they might have been stuck. This data has been collected from the BITSAT 2016 question paper with solutions that are available on their official site.

SectionsNo. of Questions
LR & English Proficiency15+10


  • Mathematics was the toughest section of all. It wasn’t long but was very tricky.
  • Some sources say that the mathematics section of the BITSAT 2016 question paper was tougher than that of the JEE Mains. Though, there wasn’t anything special about this paper as the paper was expected like this, hence, there weren’t any surprises.
  • 5-6 questions were extremely easy from LLP, coordinate geometry and integration.
  • Arihant mock tests proved to be the best ones for BITSAT 2016.
  • Overall the section was doable and could have been finished accordingly.
  • BITSAT 2016 question paper with solutions is available on its official site for further reference.


  • Organic Chemistry tricked the students most from which around 7-8 questions were asked.
  • The chemistry was a lot tougher than the previous years and was all concept based.
  • A very little chuck of questions that were factual in nature was asked. Though the numerical questions were pretty easy to solve as they didn’t have heavy calculations.
  • NCERT could not be said as an entirely sufficient source for the BITSAT 2016 paper as even the factual questions were of a little higher standard.


  • Electrostatics and Modern Physics had the biggest share in the physics section of the BITSAT 2016 question paper. Around 18-20 questions were from these topics.
  • Magnetism and electronic devices had approximately 10-12 questions. Mechanics and Thermodynamics had the least share in the entire section as they just had 5 questions each.
  • The toughness level of this section ranged from moderate to difficult and was overall a scoring section.
  • The numerical were also not very tedious and had straight forward procedures to arrive at the answer. Hence for a smart candidate, this section could have been very scoring.

Logical Reasoning & English Proficiency-

  • This section was the easiest of all. The questions of English could be done in seconds if a candidate would have known the right way to go about it.
  • Logical Reasoning the other hand was a bit tricky but very simple. This didn’t require a lot of prior practice by the candidates.
  • The section could be finished within a mere 20 minutes. The toughness level of this particular section ranged from easy to moderate. Almost no difficult questions were posed apart from the vocabulary.
  • BITSAT 2016 question paper pdf should be referred to know more about the types of vocabulary and LR questions asked.


BITSAT 2016 question paper with solutions pdf is available everywhere on the internet for students to refer to and practice for the test. BITSAT 2016 question paper download is very easy and is available on their official website as well. The overall paper can be termed as moderate to the high difficulty level. The paper was tough, though doable. The entire paper could be very well finished within the allotted time of 3 hours and students could have easily gone for the extra set of 12 questions.

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