BITSAT 2015 Question Paper with Solutions

BITSAT Question Paper with Solutions for 2015 – PDF Download

BITSAT 2015 was conducted between 14 May and 29 May, a 16-day exam wherein 1.8 lakh candidates appeared for the test. There were no technical glitches in the exam and was completed very smoothly. This paper had one of the toughest Mathematics section and one of the easiest Chemistry section when compared to all other years. As one of the most prestigious exams of the country, this paper holds immense importance as it was conducted across 48 major cities of India to fill around 2000 BE seats. Hence, a detailed analysis of the level of toughness of this paper has been done below to compare the standard of this paper.

BITSAT 2015 Question Paper Analysis


  • The toughness level of the physics section ranged from moderate to difficult.
  • The questions were not very tedious to comprehend and didn’t require heavy calculations.
  • The major chunk of questions in this section of the BITSAT 2015 question paper came from Electricity and Mechanics.
  • Modern Physics, Optics, and SHM & Heat Waves constituted the least number of questions in the entire set.
  • The section was overall doable and was of moderate level. Completing this section within the given time frame wouldn’t have been difficult for the students.
TopicsNo. of QuestionsMarks
Heat & thermodynamics412
Electricity & Magnetism1545
Modern physics412
SHM & Waves412


  • This was considered the easiest section of all. The toughness level of this section ranged from easy to moderate.
  • The least number of questions were from Organic Chemistry and on the other hand, the highest number of questions came from Physical Chemistry.
  • The section had straight forward questions and it didn’t take students long to complete this section.
  • There were only 5-6 difficult questions and the rest were fairly easy for an average candidate.
  • BITSAT 2015 question paper pdfs are available online for better reference.
TopicsNo. of QuestionsMarks
Physical Chemistry1854
Organic Chemistry824
Inorganic Chemistry1442


  • The hardest section amongst all was the Mathematics section.
  • In this section of the BITSAT 2015 question paper, again the focus has been on derivatives and geometry. These two topics gave a large chunk of questions.
  • Questions were asked from each and every topic and the paper was hence, a bit tough to crack.
  • Students can take the help of BITSAT 2015 question paper with solutions pdf which is available on the official site of BITSAT for practice in this section.
  • This section had very lengthy questions and excessive calculations which made it more difficult.
TopicNo. of QuestionsMarks
Straight-line & pair of straight lines26
Continuity & Differentiability26
Binomial Theorem26
Theorem of Equation26
Sets, Relations & Functions26
Properties of Triangle13
Trigonometric Ratios & Identities26
Trigonometric Equations26
Matrix & Determinants39
Permutation & Combination39
Application of Derivatives721
Inverse Trigonometric Functions13
Sequences & Series412
Limits & Derivatives26
Complex Number13


BITSAT 2015 question paper pdf download is easily available online for students to get a better insight into the paper pattern. BITSAT 2015 question paper with solutions is also available on the official website of BITSAT. The overall paper was seen as moderate and students were able to attend all the questions within the given time of 3 hours. The toughness level was a bit lower than that of JEE Mains but it was a bit challenging for sure. When compared to the previous year, the paper has new types of questions that were situation based and has also seen a need for preparations from higher resources other than NCERT.

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