BITSAT 2014 Question Paper with Solutions

BITSAT Question Paper with Solutions for 2014 – PDF Download

BITSAT 2014 was conducted between 14 May to 1 June across 42 major cities of the country. The exam was conducted without any technical glitches and a number of candidates appeared in this exam to get into a number of courses provided by the BITS Campuses across India. BITSAT 2014 question paper with solutions pdf is available across a number of sites on the internet and can be used for preparing for the upcoming BITSAT exam. A brief analysis of the BITSAT 2014 paper has been done in this article to analyze the level of toughness in the paper. BITSAT 2014 solved papers should be referred to while going through this article to get a better understanding of the sectional breakups and leverage points. Only the three core subjects have been discussed in this article as the Logical Reasoning & English Proficiency do not always have a large share in the overall BITSAT exam and can be dealt with ease. Below is a section-wise analysis done for the core subjects of BITSAT 2014.

BITSAT 2014 Question Paper Analysis

BITSAT 2014 question paper with solutions is available on BITSAT’s official website for further reference. Also, BITSAT 2014 solved papers could be easily found online for practice and reference. Below is the break up of the sections explained with the highest number of questions in Mathematics and Chemistry & Physics having an equal number of questions in their sections-

Parts Subjects No. of Questions
Part 1 Chemistry 40
Part 2 Physics 40
Part 3 Mathematics 45
Part 4 Logical Reasoning & English Proficiency 10+15
Total   150


  1. The chemistry was seen as the toughest section of the BITSAT 2014 question paper.
  2. The difficulty level of this section was more than that of the previous year and had trickier calculations and conceptual questions.
  3. Around 10 questions were difficult in this section and the number of easy questions was quite less.
  4. Organic & Inorganic Chemistry tricked the students most as this part had slightly confusing and high-level questions to solve.
  5. NCERT could not have been sufficient to prepare for this kind of difficulty level as the factual questions too in this section were of a slightly higher standard.


  1. Physics was again of a moderate level. The questions of the mediocre level ranged between 16-18 and hence the difficulty this year was very much reduced.
  2. The BITSAT 2014 question paper had a similar pattern as of BITSAT 2013 and hence the Physics section was also quite predictive for 2014.
  3. The toughness level of this section was somewhat equal to the toughness level of Chemistry. The section had trickier calculations and confusing options.


  1. Mathematics was the toughest of all the sections.
  2. Some students couldn’t even completely attempt the mathematics section and the others couldn’t go for the extra set of 12 questions.
  3. This section consumed the maximum time of the students and was between moderate to a high difficulty level.
  4. The difficult questions were around13-16 and hence the students a tough time dealing with this section.


BITSAT 2014 solved papers are provided by a number of institutes for preparations. The overall BITSAT 2014 can be termed as moderate because of chemistry and physics. These particular sections gave a tough time to the candidates and lowered the scores of hundreds of them. On average, the paper was good for the students who had an upper hand in Chemistry and had a lot of facts and figures mugged up. As compared to the previous year of 2013, BITSAT 2014 saw changes in terms of a higher difficulty level in Chemistry and on the other hand, a moderate level of toughness in Physics. It would have been difficult for a number of students to get to the extra set of 12 questions but would have been done if the approach to solving the Chemistry questions had been correct.

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