JEE Advanced Problem Solving Classes

Master the Art of Problem Solving

Course: ALGEBRA 1

Weekend classes to practice and improve your Advanced Algebra - only for serious students!

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Course Intro

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Why join the course?

Only Serious Students

You'll be studying along side only a selected few.

Focus on Problem Solving

Learn how to approach tough problems and ultimately master them!


We'll take care of important theory through problems.

The most powerful course
created for

Live Classes on Weekends

Assignments as PDF

1 hour duration

Recording of Live Class


This is not an open course. Only the BEST can join it.

Please follow the steps mentioned to enroll into the course:

Take the admission test

Prepare for the test. Syllabus and date is mentioned.

Qualify the test

You need to clear the qualifying score.

Make Payment

You will receive the payment link to enroll.

Course Fee

The course fee is applicable to those who qualify the admission test.

₹ 2500

What do I need to know before I join the course?

This course as mentioned is only for problem solving and that too of JEE Advanced level. Hence, it is necessary for the students to make sure that they are good at the basic level. They should have sound knowledge of the concepts involved in the chapters. Please read the Admission Process to know more.


Who should attend the Advanced course?

Anyone looking to revise & improve their IIT JEE Advanced Level Problem Solving skills for the chapters - Quadratic Equation, Complex Numbers and Sequence Series. It is equally good for Class 11th, Class 12th and Dropper students preparing for IIT JEE 2021 & IIT JEE 2022.


Who is eligible or the Admission Process to attend the course?

Admission to the course is only through an Admission Test. Performance in the test will decide your admission to the course. The Admission Test helps us decide whether this course will be beneficial to you or not and that you are right fit for it or not.


How many classes and assignments?

The course comprises 10 live classes as per the given schedule. All the live sessions will be targeted towards problem solving. The classes will occur on weekends,i.e. Saturdays and Sundays, mostly at night. session will be of 1 hour duration. You will be provided with one assignment per session in PDF format.


What is the validity of the course?

The course is valid till the last live class mentioned in the schedule.


I have few more questions. What to do?

Click here to read more frequently asked questions or you chat with us.


4th September (Friday)

You can take the test anytime between 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM

There will be 30 MCQs (single correct) and test will be of 1 hour

Quadratic Equation, Complex Number, Sequence Series, Binomial Theorem, Permutation Combination

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