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A 6 month long course designed for Class 12th moving students to get them back ahead in the competition.

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15th April
Course Starts
6 Months
Course Duration
JEE Main
Target Exam
Class 12
Target Class
50 Seats
Limited Batch

Less is More

80 percent of your result is derived from only 20% of your effort, provided we put all focus on that 20%.
- Pareto Principle

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How this course will help you?
3 Pillars to Your Success

When all three pillars work for you then only the result is produced. Either you go to coaching or study using Youtube, all three never work for you.

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Pillar of Knowledge

  • Highly planned content
  • Selective topic and concept wise questions
  • Super high quality videos - to the point

Become master of JEE Mains and get a good launchpad for JEE Advanced. Finish your Class 12th syllabus by 10th Oct.

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Your Teacher

anup gupta sir
Anup Gupta Sir Founder, MathonGo
  • 11 Years of Experience
  • Produced 1000+ ranks at IIT JEE
  • Best Math Crash Course for IIT JEE

I got introduced to MathonGo by my friend who is currently in IIT Madras. I felt the course is pretty amazing and the best part was the live doubt session where we could interact with Anup sir.

Skanda, Chennai Click to Watch

Anup sir you are the best. Your taught really well and my targetted portions were completed in one month which I couldn't do earlier. MathonGo team, you were the best.

Komal, Mumbai Click to Watch

The way Anup sir taught in the limited time, the way he explained things, it was truly remarkable. For Math, I am now confident.

Sarthak, J & K Click to Watch

I haven't seen a teacher like Anup sir. Because of you only I am confident enough to solve any JEE Math question and easily secure 60+ score in Math paper.

Ankit, Bokaro Click to Watch

I wasn't confident enough about my Math preparation but after learning from Anup sir now I can see the improvement. I can solve the problems in limited time. Thank you sir.

Sabyasachi, Odisha Click to Watch

I am really thankful to Anup sir and MathonGo team for making me confident through your course. Everythink was taught crisp and clear and to the point. Doubt sessions were awesome.

Bhakti, Gujarat Click to Watch


The country’s most refined course on Math, taught by one of the best.

Installment (for 3 Months)
₹6,490 x 3
One Time Payment


Here are some frequently asked questions by students.
If you can't find an answer for your query here, feel free to contact us.

What is the structure of the course?
The course is a combination of 3 pillar - Knowledge, Discipline, & Motivation. Knowledge takes care of learning, using highly planned material in terms of questions and video lectures. Discipline will make sure that you stick to routine by following deadline-based assignment & test submissions. This will also include Doubt Solving Sessions on the questions provided to you by us. Motivation takes care of your well-being. Be pumped every day. Discuss highs and lows with your mentor. The combination of three will create the magic.
80 percent of your result is derived from only 20% of your effort, provided we put all focus on that 20%. We just need to do that. There are a lot of things that you see around yourself related to IIT JEE preparation. And then you get confused and demotivated with its volume. Our target is to reduce the effort and maximize the output by doing less.
What is the level of the course?
Basics are the backbone to any competitive exam. This course revolves around the basics plus their application in problems. The course will prepare you in between JEE Mains and JEE Advanced Level. This will make sure that you will do great at the JEE Mains Level and will get you ready for Advanced stuffs too.
What will be covered in the course?
The course will cover the entire Class 12 syllabus along with quick revision of limits and permutations as per schedule. We cover all the basics and questions lying between JEE Mains and JEE Advanced. In the stipulated 6 months this is what we would cover.
What happens to my Class 11?
Don’t spoil your Class 12 because you have spoiled Class 11. First concentrate on what you have at hand. Also, Class 12 comprises 55% in JEE Mains and more than 60-70% in other competitive examinations. Having said that, basics of Class 11 wherever used will be taught in the course, only to the point where you do not find any problem because of them in Class 12 preparation.
Will it help me improve my Math and hence improve my score at IIT JEE?
The course is based on 3 pillars i.e. Knowledge, Discipline, & Motivation which makes sure that you are prepared from every aspect.
How can I be expelled from the course?
Result is produced under discipline. Online studies can be successful only when done under supervision. All your assignments are time bound, and failure to submit them on time can lead to expulsion from the course. Other reason for expulsion could be not attending the compulsory Live Sessions and Tests. Remember, in case of expulsion no money will be refunded.
How to Pay?
You can pay after you are satisfied seeing the demo lecture. If you pay in lumps the fee is INR 17,990/.
Remember payment is non-refundable in all the scenarios.
Can I pay in installments?
You can pay in three consecutive monthly installments of INR 6,490 each. To use that mode, please contact our helpline number +91 7381 521 947
What is the batch size?
The batch is highly limited and only 50 students will be allowed to register. So if you are interested or have some queries, reach to us for a discussion as soon as possible.
Where will the course work, desktop or mobile app?
The program will run on any device. You can watch them on desktop or mobile. But it will not be a part of MathonGo mobile app.
How and where will I get the lectures and assignments?
They will all be available inside the platform, whose login details will be provided to the registered users.
What is the requirement of live session?
A good and stable internet connection. The necessary software required will be told to the paid & registered students.
What is the validity of the course?
The course is valid till 11:59 PM, 30th October 2019. You can extend* its availability once the course validity expires.

Have any queries? You can contact us through Email or WhatsApp.